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The Favor Network

Everybody needs something.

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This is a community devoted to bringing people with needs together in a structured fashion. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make this a better place as it should be a vital and changing system.

Your moderator is megarandom.

Simply put, it is a system of favors. You need things. Someone else needs things. This community was made to bring the people who need together to fulfill one another's needs and make possibilities. This would become especially handy if someone needed something done in another city. Need something checked or a picture taken? Haven't heard from your grandmother and worried about her? Some more ideas can be found here.

This will bring people in various valuable locations and talents together for a swap-meet most groovy.

Money doesn't have to hange hands but a nominal compensation could be exchanged. Or you could just trade favors.

As before, I would love to hear ideas for this community. Welcome!

Now, as for making it possible to tell who has what talents and locations, it might be helpful if all members would make a first post that I will link from the community info page. That'd be the one you're looking at right now. :P

Here is a list of people who have made intro posts.