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Helping my friend with school

My friend Miguel created a 30 second ad for the contest at FlunkArnold.com. The grand prize is having the ad shown during The Daily Show as well as one year's tuition at any California State University. At this very moment he is about 4 votes behind, but this has been an extremely tight contest and it keeps going back and forth between him and one other ad.
So the favor I'm asking is for everyone in this community to go vote for his ad! His ad is titled How to Solve a Financial Crisis and the other top contender is called Todd and Jason's Attack Ad. Watch both of these ads and if you think How to Solve a Financial Crisis is better, please please please vote for him. You will have to register with your email address, but they won't spam you. It only takes a minute. Just think of how much one year's tuition would mean to you. Help this guy out!

Thank you!
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