Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in favor_network,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

Seamtress Type People (preferably in Atlanta)

I need some costumes made for Dragon*Con (I know, I know - it's soon - the person who was supposed to make them just literally skipped town) and I'd like to have someone make them for me who can help me buy the fabric and such and then make them for reasonable prices...

Here's what I need:

a simple gothic Lolita dress
two chef's coats modified into a straight jacket (we'd need to buy buckles)
a short black skirt that can have a petticoat under it
a petticoat
a nurse's dress (the sexy kind - maybe in pvc or something similar, unless it'd be cheapeer to plunk down $60 for a cheap costume, or maybe canvas, depending)
a little pinstripe skirt that looks like a cross between a cheerleader skirt and a gangster

I'd come to your house, obviously buy all fabric and make time to come over for any fittings etc. Please, someone help me.

As far as what I can offer - here goes! I'm a really good cook, I've been told I'm entertaining enough, I can babysit, I love animals and have a lot of my own so helping take care of others wouldn't bother me at all, I'm a fast learner so if you wanted to teach me something that I could help you with that would work, I have a car so I can help people get around or the like and I'm a good hearted person in general.
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