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Originally from dogemperor

(Posted as a public post--which people know I never *ever* do on my LJ.)

Originally posted by myself in response to this Livejournal entry:

Trust me when I say Nagin is right and ops there are a complete and utter clusterfuck.

I have been listening to streaming feeds of police/National Guard scanners and ham radio nets since the disaster (very often you get news there that isn't reported widely).

FEMA is not letting groups in that aren't on their preferred contractor list, even turning away a Florida group with *500 floatboats* that could have been used in rescue ops. They have turned away people with buses who are willing to drive them et al.

FEMA attempted to shut down the one ops center in the NOLA area where the state and local authorities were coordinating rescue efforts--a member of the National Guard got into an angry shouting match telling them that they would have to shut down rescue efforts *indefinitely* if that area was closed.

FEMA is also promoting blatantly dominionist groups (including Pat Robertson's own "Operation Blessing"--which has been used, among other things, to ferry blood diamonds out of Africa under the name of "charity shipment") over known, reputable charities like Americares and Mercy Corps.

Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice were actually shopping and attending PLAYS while it was being widely broadcasted that the levees had failed andNew Orleans was under eight feet of water.

Shrub McChimpy actually was goofing off and playing guitar badly during a press conference where people were asking about things, as if he wasn't taking this seriously at all (then again, a lot of dominionists have literally been praying that New Orleans would be smited for *years*).

Trent Lott, known dominionist, even claimed that FEMA was doing a "great job" even though his house was in one of the areas of Mississippi that got smited (yes, Mississippi got it WORSE than New Orleans did) and there are entire *counties* in Mississippi who have asked for assistance for the past six days from FEMA and heard *NOTHING* above the county level regarding mutual aid or assistance.

Ham radio operators are *still* the main method of communication between stricken areas (even more so than the National Guard nets).

We won't go into how conditions have been allowed to deteriorate in both the Superdome and Convention Center to the point mass deaths and rapes are occuring. In the Convention Center, which (according to local NOLA media) has damn near turned to Thunderdome, there was a member of Spain's Parliament who was trapped on the second floor for *five days* and the US government claimed they were unaware of this till *yesterday*.

People who were Bush supporters even through the clusterfuck of Eternal War are now wondering what sort of crack the government is smoking and wondering why they ever voted for the son of a bitch. :P

Anyways, it's rare that I actively pimp anything online. I'm going to pimp something here, namely, a list of good and bad charities to donate to for NOLA relief (sorted on "good guys" who pretty much give aid to anyone with no strings attached, and "bad guys" who actively support dominionism)

Here's the links: (original)

I encourage you to mirror this widely and support the "good guys" on the list.

I also will be operating a new Livejournal community, hurricane_fema, and will mirror both this post and the Big List to that community.

As noted, some press is reporting on this:,0,4766048.story (on the caneboaters blocked by FEMA bureaucracy),0,6532046.story (on general chaos with rescue efforts),0,1849193.story
(on general chaos with rescue efforts with hospitals),0,7648200.story (on FEMA refusal of aid by the city of Chicago),0,6493095.story (on concern for Vietnamese relatives),0,215324.story
(on other countries offering aid and generally being spurned),0,3308899.story
(on race being a possible issue with delivery of aid)

Multiple threads on detail the scanner traffic and the confusion thereof:

A large number of scanner feeds and general info on scanner traffic is available at details the communication problems occuring. (As it is, we are rather lucky that New Orleans' main radio station went down or we'd be unable to hear them at all. New Orleans used an EDACS ProVoice trunked system, which is a closed, closed-source digital trunked system; most places that use digital trunking use an open standard called APCO-25 that generally *is* receivable on scanners (albeit expensive ones). The NPSPAC channels are open and conventional.) actually has a report on how people are being held back from rescue. (Further news on Alobar on his LJ, also details this (and this ties into the following, below). tells about how FEMA's director literally ran an Arabian horse registry into the ground to the point its owners had to eventually merge it with another Arabian registry (after having fired Brown). Other links here:

(Did I mention they actually ended up *suing* Mike Brown thanks to his incompetence?) details the reaction from the conservative press (even known dominionist asskisser rags like the Washington Times are flaming Bush over this) posts on the senator who stated New Orleans should be abandoned and not rebuilt. notes how people are dying thanks to the delay in getting aid and FEMA blocking aid. also details this info. also details some of the general clusterfuckage. notes how even the governor (whom, no offense, has also been less than helpful) is even now protesting the slowness of aid. notes how Lott's house got smited. shows the general reaction of the president to aforementioned smitagel

Further commentary here:

The sick thing is there WAS an emergency plan (that apparently got blown to hell): is news from Russia on how we've turned them down; according to Alobar's Livejournal ( the Canadians are sneaking over anyways. details more on the mounting criticism over lack of help. flambes Shrub's general handling of the situation as does and

Other notes:

Contrary to presidential spin, the pissing contest in Iraq *is* hurting emergency preparedness:

More on FEMA's territorial pissing (and preventing aid from coming in from anywhere but their preferred contractors):

Canadian press is reporting: writes on concerns re preparedness.

More on the lack of response:

Even CNN has reported on the general fuckups in disaster aid:

The quote where Trent Lott thinks things are going swimmingly:

International press has taken note:

Apparently, despite the pissing match going on with FEMA doing the moral equivalent of waving its cock about, they STILL can't manage to keep enough security to keep from having FEMA uniforms stolen:

And the criticism has started among the dominionist-friendly *themselves* (one wonders how much further this is going to get Frist on the shitlist of dominionists in general):

As I noted, sadly, dominionists (aka "Avengelicals", aka the lovely asshats who want to turn the US into a theocracy) already are claiming New Orleans "deserved it": (mirrored at should the original link be removed) (mirrored at in case the first link dies) (reported on at (requires day pass) in case original link dies) (reported on at should original link die)

(Oh, and yes, it's folks like that that not only are steering political policy but also directing policy in regards to Katrina relief in general: see REMEMBER THIS IN 2006 AND 2008.)


Further links as follows:

Thanks much to all of you who have mirrored so far.

Oh, the clusterfuckage goes even deeper, as it turns out:

It turns out that the feeding station photo op that Shrub McChimpy did in Missouri and LA...was *STAGED*, and they *TORE THE EMERGENCY FEEDING STATION DOWN AFTER HE LEFT*.

Larry King confirms the refusal of aid by agencies:

Further confirmation that blocking of aid is FEMA's doing: (Also reported on in and presumably in the original German media as well)

It turns out they also faked attempts at levee repairs for the same photo op:

More info on the general clusterfuckage:

Contrary to FEMA and the government's claims, here's documentation Louisiana's government asked for help as early as *AUGUST 28th*:

The president took his sweet fuckin' time giving the orders to give in as is: ( also reports on this)

Condi Rice goes shopping whilst New Orleans drowns:

The article detailing how Shrub McChimpy was fucking around whilst New Orleans drowns:

Info on how the government claimed it didn't know about the mess in the convention center (where a goodly number of people have *DIED* due to lack of water and food):

Per the Department of Homeland Insecurity's own website, yes, it IS their own fault:

A federal investigation may begin on this lovely series of fuckups: (One hopes sincerely that the present administration doesn't do what it's tended to do--either ignore the people responsible, or outright sack the people responsible and replace them with dominionists) gives LOTS of info as to how Michael Brown was (to put it mildly) amazingly unqualified for the job of being director of the agency that is supposed to be managing emergency management functions (including in the event of terrorist attack or nuclear war) for the entire country... asks how DHS could *not* have expected the levees to break in New Orleans (especially since quite literally *every* science magazine and television network has had a disaster special to the theme of "New Orleans Is Fucked Without Lube If It Gets Hit With Much More Than A Tropical Storm", and New Orleans' city government literally begged FEMA over a year ago for increased funding for levee shoreups; dear gods, my *mother in law* is not exactly a civil engineer, weather geek or emergency management geek and SHE still knew that New Orleans could flood if hit with a Cat4/Cat5 hurricane due to the levees failing) discusses how it is being reported that people are being locked in the Convention Center of Death and not being allowed to leave (on literal pain of being shot). (There is also video in multiple formats of this at for perusal. Folks not using MacOS or Windows should be able to play it using Video Lan Player (do a search on Google).) ( also reports on this.)

This is getting pretty goddamn vomitous at this point :P

Found a pic (including commentary on how aforementioned photo op delayed rescue efforts for upwards of twelve hours--yes, folks, Shrub may have caused people to DIE for the cameras):

Reportedly the photo op was played on WDSU-TV:

More on what is actually going on (including photos at the airport where even Bill Frist admits "more than 8, 10" people are dying *daily*):,10117,16488142-23109,00.html

Further pointing up that they are going through preferred contractors only, it seems that rescue ops were privatised in 2004:
(from one of the companies that got the contracts)

In Governor Landreau's statement, it's also revealed that the US Forest Service offered to put out fires in New Orleans but FEMA (again waving its dick about) said no:

Oh, and no less than the "Army Times" quite literally sees NOLA's citizens as The Enemy:

The original German article has a link to both images and text re the faked food kitchen (in German, of course):,3672,2370967,00.html (Google-translated; those of you whom speak German, please feel free to comment here with full translation)

The Google-translated text of interest is as follows:

Clearing work only for Bush?
Where the US president visited the disaster area, auxiliary troops cleared up before properly - however only there. From Biloxi quoted Second Channel of German Television correspondent Claudia Rueggeberg desperate inhabitants, Bush is to bring auxiliary goods here in his sedans instead of loud Bodyguards and assistant dear.

Along its route clearing troops would have cleared before Bushs attendance debris and would have saved corpses. Then Bush left again "and with it", so Rueggeberg, "the whole auxiliary troops". At the situation in Biloxi otherwise nothing changed, it is missing at everything.

And again, more noises about possible Congressional investigation:

Oh, as it turns out, the two women hugged in the photo op aren't from Biloxi at *all*:

Transcript of the photo op:
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