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It has been a ridiculous amount of time. I hope all is well. It is freakin' 2014. I don't expect to get a response. However, prayers for you and yours.
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Hi all, I could use a favor, and what that is some extra eyes on my website, from an SEO perspective.  I work for, an Internet job board, and I have been involved in a site redesign, for SEO purposes.  If you’ve worked on a large project like this one before, you know that it is possible to get too close to it and start missing your own mistakes.  If you don’t mind, please visit our browse jobs page here:


and leave some feedback as to what you think.  In return, I will complete a small favor for you- after all, that’s how this thing works, right? ;)


Thanks a lot for reading and I hope the site is useful as well.

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Helping my friend with school

My friend Miguel created a 30 second ad for the contest at The grand prize is having the ad shown during The Daily Show as well as one year's tuition at any California State University. At this very moment he is about 4 votes behind, but this has been an extremely tight contest and it keeps going back and forth between him and one other ad.
So the favor I'm asking is for everyone in this community to go vote for his ad! His ad is titled How to Solve a Financial Crisis and the other top contender is called Todd and Jason's Attack Ad. Watch both of these ads and if you think How to Solve a Financial Crisis is better, please please please vote for him. You will have to register with your email address, but they won't spam you. It only takes a minute. Just think of how much one year's tuition would mean to you. Help this guy out!

Thank you!
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Seamtress Type People (preferably in Atlanta)

I need some costumes made for Dragon*Con (I know, I know - it's soon - the person who was supposed to make them just literally skipped town) and I'd like to have someone make them for me who can help me buy the fabric and such and then make them for reasonable prices...

Here's what I need:

a simple gothic Lolita dress
two chef's coats modified into a straight jacket (we'd need to buy buckles)
a short black skirt that can have a petticoat under it
a petticoat
a nurse's dress (the sexy kind - maybe in pvc or something similar, unless it'd be cheapeer to plunk down $60 for a cheap costume, or maybe canvas, depending)
a little pinstripe skirt that looks like a cross between a cheerleader skirt and a gangster

I'd come to your house, obviously buy all fabric and make time to come over for any fittings etc. Please, someone help me.

As far as what I can offer - here goes! I'm a really good cook, I've been told I'm entertaining enough, I can babysit, I love animals and have a lot of my own so helping take care of others wouldn't bother me at all, I'm a fast learner so if you wanted to teach me something that I could help you with that would work, I have a car so I can help people get around or the like and I'm a good hearted person in general.

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Hi, my name's Melissa and I'm from Chicago. I've been using Blingo to search the web. It's just like searching at Google or Yahoo except Blingo gives away prizes, like iPods and PlayStation Portables. Check it out and sign up as my Blingo Friend. If I win, you win too!

My friend won an iPod with video a few weeks ago, and she is constantly winning iTunes gift certificates and movie tickets. I just signed up a couple days ago so I've yet to win anything, but hopefully we can win stuff together!
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Here is a favor I ask of all.

Read (some of) this and post a link or mirror this on your own journal.

Originally from dogemperor

(Posted as a public post--which people know I never *ever* do on my LJ.)

Originally posted by myself in response to this Livejournal entry:

Trust me when I say Nagin is right and ops there are a complete and utter clusterfuck.

I have been listening to streaming feeds of police/National Guard scanners and ham radio nets since the disaster (very often you get news there that isn't reported widely).

FEMA is not letting groups in that aren't on their preferred contractor list, even turning away a Florida group with *500 floatboats* that could have been used in rescue ops. They have turned away people with buses who are willing to drive them et al.

FEMA attempted to shut down the one ops center in the NOLA area where the state and local authorities were coordinating rescue efforts--a member of the National Guard got into an angry shouting match telling them that they would have to shut down rescue efforts *indefinitely* if that area was closed.

FEMA is also promoting blatantly dominionist groups (including Pat Robertson's own "Operation Blessing"--which has been used, among other things, to ferry blood diamonds out of Africa under the name of "charity shipment") over known, reputable charities like Americares and Mercy Corps.

Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice were actually shopping and attending PLAYS while it was being widely broadcasted that the levees had failed andNew Orleans was under eight feet of water.

Shrub McChimpy actually was goofing off and playing guitar badly during a press conference where people were asking about things, as if he wasn't taking this seriously at all (then again, a lot of dominionists have literally been praying that New Orleans would be smited for *years*).

Trent Lott, known dominionist, even claimed that FEMA was doing a "great job" even though his house was in one of the areas of Mississippi that got smited (yes, Mississippi got it WORSE than New Orleans did) and there are entire *counties* in Mississippi who have asked for assistance for the past six days from FEMA and heard *NOTHING* above the county level regarding mutual aid or assistance.

Ham radio operators are *still* the main method of communication between stricken areas (even more so than the National Guard nets).

We won't go into how conditions have been allowed to deteriorate in both the Superdome and Convention Center to the point mass deaths and rapes are occuring. In the Convention Center, which (according to local NOLA media) has damn near turned to Thunderdome, there was a member of Spain's Parliament who was trapped on the second floor for *five days* and the US government claimed they were unaware of this till *yesterday*.

People who were Bush supporters even through the clusterfuck of Eternal War are now wondering what sort of crack the government is smoking and wondering why they ever voted for the son of a bitch. :P

Anyways, it's rare that I actively pimp anything online. I'm going to pimp something here, namely, a list of good and bad charities to donate to for NOLA relief (sorted on "good guys" who pretty much give aid to anyone with no strings attached, and "bad guys" who actively support dominionism)

Here's the links: Read more...Collapse )