shift_freedom (shift_freedom) wrote in favor_network,

Introduction and stuff

Hrm...I'm in Colorado, I have a degree in anthropology, and I'm a writer and delivery guy for Hostess.  I have a lot of odd knowledge about various things, and there's very little I haven't been able to figure out if I wanted to.  Building computers is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have a lot of linux knowledge too.  If anyone is thinking about tackling linux, I could definitely help you avoid some of the pitfalls involved.  I guess that's about it for now...
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I was considering doing an installation of Mandrake... would you mind if I called for help if I got stuck?

And Hostess!!!! Ogre-green filling!!!

LOL..I agree about the ogre-green filling...there are far fewer shrekkies on the truck than there were supposed to be...*humming innocently*

Definitely, that would be fine...Mandrake is one of the most user-friendly distros out there, and almost always gets at least rudimentally running right out of the box...but even if that happens I'll help you get things looking and running the way you need them to :)
how much to build me a standard comp?